Richard Price Paralegal LLC


Paralegal and Litigation Support for Criminal Defense Attorneys

My name is Richard Price, and I work only for criminal defense attorneys (no direct client services). I provide Paralegal, Audio/Video Enhancement, and Litigation Support Services. I can organize discovery, download OJIN information, do some Westlaw® research, prepare and serve subpoenas, or write a summary of discovery. Do you need a thousand pages of discovery scanned into searchable PDF files? I have 24-7 access to OJIN®, PACER®, Westlaw®, and Lexis®, and I have Worldox® software for superb document management, no matter how large or complex the case. I also have enterprise-level search engines for the largest discovery cases.

You can have a trained, trustworthy legal assistant whom you only employ as needed.

Specializing in Mega-Discovery Criminal Cases

I have experience managing cases with over 12,000,000 pages of government discovery. With sophisticated document and evidence management tools at your disposal, even the very large cases become manageable.

Mitigation Services

I can provide thorough background reports and mitigation support services to build strong mitigation evidence.

Authorized Access to Lane County Corrections

I have authorized access to visit your client(s) at Lane County Corrections, so I can work directly with your client for information-gathering that could ruin a large part of your day's schedule if you had to do it yourself. I can get organized background information for you.

Enhance Audio, Video, and Photos

Poor audio or video in discovery? I can enhance them, regardless of the original quality. I can translate video from nearly any format. In my office I have high speed printing, copying, and scanning to searchable PDF files.

I can make photographic prints up to 13"x19", posters up to 36" x 60", and prepare Power Point demonstrations with full multimedia content.

I can assist you in court with graphic presentations, real-time document annotation, electronic evidence management,and I have portable presentation equipment for those courtrooms that are not so equipped.

I am a member of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association(OCDLA).